Zoap Strain


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Strain Information
Cross breed – half Sativa/half Indica
THC: 25% – 26%
Zoap is an equitably adjusted half and half strain (half indica/half sativa) made through intersection the intense Pink Guava #16 X Rainbow Sherbet X F2 Pheno 21 strains. In the event that you’re on the chase after a powerful and even half and half, Zoap is the ideal decision for you. This bud has a high intensity level and mind whirling impacts that will leave you flying for quite a long time.

You’ll feel the impacts hit you nearly when you breathe out, lifting your psychological state into one of unadulterated rapture that is liberated from any negative or hustling considerations.

You’ll feel a shivery sense worm its direction into your cerebrum, leaving you feeling unfocused and giggly yet absolutely anxious to carry on discussions with everyone around you.

A loosening up body high goes with this powerful lift, leaving you marginally lounge chair locked albeit not completely quieted. In blend with its very high 25-26% normal THC level, these impacts settle on Zoap an extraordinary decision for treating conditions like wretchedness, ongoing pressure, hunger misfortune or sickness and constant torment.

This bud has a prepared fruity citrus flavor with a daintily gritty cherry breathe out. The smell is of newly picked cherries, pointedly acrid citrus and a hint of light heartiness. Zoap buds have thick and weighty adjusted dim olive green nugs with dim purple undercurrents, slim golden hairs and a covering of chilly, dull purple-colored gem trichomes.


Zoap smells uniquely floral with notes of mint and sweet candy over a dark bed of gas and musk. This is a good bud for grinding up and packing into a blunt. It’s not too sticky, it burns nice and even, and it smells as much like potpourri as it does like weed. Smoke Zoap and you’ll be in for a clear, relaxing high.

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OZ (28 grams), QP(112 grams), HP (112×2)grams, P(224×2)grams


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