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• Official Original STIIIZY Battery

• USB Charging Cable

• 210mAh Rechargeable Battery

• USB Charging Port

• Voltage: 3.2+-0.1V


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stizzy cart is one of the fastest-growing cannabis brands in California. They’re well-known for their ease of use, including magnetic snap-on pod batteries. The brand’s growing popularity is made possible by top-tier cannabis concentrates, a must for any cannabis company looking to stand out among the sea of competitors. To do so, the company aims to live up to a philosophy centered on “Influence, Inspire, Innovate.”

Suited for the needs of newcomers and veteran vapers alike, STIIIZY aims to appeal to the entire vape community. They’re allowing customers to do the same with a variety of aesthetic options and two battery sizes. Read on to learn more about STIIIZY’s pod battery, where we’ll dive into the brand some more and answer critical questions, including:

  • How long do STIIIZY batteries last?
  • What battery fits STIIIZY pods?
  • Is it OK to leave a STIIIZY pod in my battery?
  • Are STIIIZY batteries good?

Now, let’s get busy and dive into STIIIZY.

What kind of batteries does STIIIZY use?

STIIIZY offers two different models and a few essential accessories worth considering:

Official STIIIZY Battery 


The Official STIIIZY Battery boasts a 210mAh rechargeable battery, USB charging capabilities, and 400F heating temperature starting with the original product. Ideal for newcomers and intermediates, the official battery is available in 12 different colors to match just about anyone’s style. Pods are sold separately.

Official STIIIZY BIIIG Battery


The company’s more robust yet still sleek offering is the Official Biiig Battery. Boasting an enhanced 550mAh USB-rechargeable battery, the Biiig Battery is ideal for the more experienced vapers out there. The Biiig Battery is also set to 400F and available in 11 colors. Pods are sold separately.

Official STIIIZY Portable Power Case


The portable power case is a high-speed magnetic-based USB charging case for your STIIIZY Starter Kit and pods. The Portable Power Case boasts a 750mAh battery capacity and can hold one Starter Kit during a charge. Keep track of the process with its built-in LED screen.

STIIIZY Replacement Power Case Adapter


Sometimes stiiizy carts we lose tiny pieces of tech. Having a backup for just a couple of dollars is never a bad idea. Make sure your STIIIZY pod battery is always rechargeable with a backup power adapter. All other parts are sold separately.

Are STIIIZY batteries good?

Yes! STIIIZY often receives high praise for several product components, including their ability to make batteries more efficient for a range of consumers. STIIIZY’s batteries stand out for their:

  • Long product lives
  • Leak and burn-free reputation
  • Easy rechargeability
  • Consistent heating
  • Colorful, sleek options

Both batteries are sleeker than most others around, and they don’t need to be charged as often. Consistent performance is often cited, with both batteries made of high-quality ceramic coils and an easy-to-use magnetic USB base. 


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