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Lions Breath Carts Online

Buy Lions Breath Carts Online

Life is good! Why not make it great with premium Lions Breath Carts?

Firstly, At, we are offering top-quality Lions Breath Cartridges at amazingly affordable rates. Our top screw-on cartridge comes with more than 15 amazing, powerful flavors. With a lustrous design, the Lion Breath Carts battery activates only when you inhale. Our batteries are designed especially for our own Lion Breath Carts so they work best with them.

You can also use these carts with any other 510 threaded battery. To fully charge a Lion Breath, you need at most 4 hours.

Compliance to Standards

For a cart to taste well, it should be viscous. For optimal results, the oil should always be thick and its movement should be minimum. Our Lions Breath Carts do comply with all the standards as an oil bubble takes more than 10 seconds to reach the cart bottom from the top when kept upside down.

The flavors should also taste weedy and sweet which is also another benchmark of quality set by the veterans. Our products are not behind.

Contents and Composition

Good news for the veteran vapers. Our Lion Breath Carts are testing at up to 93.15% THC, CBD contents that are more than enough to satisfy their vaping appetites. They also tested negative for pesticides so no worries regarding harmful content.

Reliable and Affordable Shipping

Firstly, We offer the best quality at the best prices through a safe shipping platform that guarantees timely shipping to states without marijuana laws in place.

Secondly, With Premium Discounts on All varieties of Lion Breath Cart, is offering the best quality at the best price through a safe shipping medium that guarantees safe shipping to states where marijuana consumption is legal.

Thirdly, Get free fast shipping if you purchase quantities worth $200 or more and get discounts up to 20% on your next purchase.

What Strain is Lions Breath Carts?

Lion Breath is a cross of God Bush with Hash. The resultant is a perfect combo of Sativa and Indica hybrid cannabis strains. Its aroma is sweet and reminiscent of haze.

Smokers feel both Indica and Sativa effects while vaping it and very this uniqueness is the reason why it has such a passionate fan following. Its stony relaxation lasts for hours.

Health Benefits of Lions Breath Carts

Lions Breath Carts have health benefits and medicinal uses including:

  • Anti-Anxiety & Depression
  • Cure Anti-Depression
  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Cure Insomnia & Arthritis
  • Relieve Pain & Stress
  • Cure headache
  • Reduce Negativity


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