1 gram of moonrock



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1 gram of moonrock now available at discount prices 100% fast and safe delivery, buy one gram 1 gram of moonrock from the most reliable suppliers today at affordable prices.

1 gram of moonrock

Moon Rock is not your average marijuana strain. It’s more of a specialized experiment. Moon Rock combines a potent nug with a finely rubbed CO2 oil and meticulously sprinkled with superior quality kief.

This nugget is a subtle combination of top-quality marijuana varieties. It would be a delight to share with anyone.

The “caviar”, the most popular of all cannabis varieties, is well-known. This cannabinoid rich confectionary has an exhilarating flavor that is truly luxurious.

Moon Rocks’ potency makes it a wonderful source of medicinal marijuana. glock and ammo rimes with marijuana 

one gram 1 gram of moonrock

247 is proud of the high quality products we offer. Every Moonrock is handmade with only the finest quality products. This creates an unforgettable experience that’s unlike any other. Our moonrocks are made from the best Hybrid strains. They are then måixed with our lab-tested pure 99% distillate. Finally, they are coated with light, fluffy Kief made from the finest Hybrid strains. Our Moonrocks will take you on a one way trip to the Moon. Grab your Moonrocks today before they’re gone!

1 gram of moonrock
Our moon rocks 1 gram contain a premium mix of THC concentrate, exotic flower, and kief shake, all in one gram. These moonrocks will elevate your smoking experience. We first select the best bud base. To create the sticky binding that will allow you to roll in our powerful kief shake, we cover the flower with premium THC concentrate. With flavors such Pink Lemonade/Strawberry/Dirty Sprites/Zkittlez, you don’t want to miss out on these top shelf moonrocks, 1 gram of moonrock.



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